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Arch Linux ARM with Full Disk Encryption on the Pinephone Pro

September 16, 2022 — dexy

Today I decided to mess around with my Pinephone Pro again. I would’ve tried daily-driving it back when I received it but my girlfriend bent the pins in the micro-SIM slot. After installing Tow-Boot to the SPI I remembered this script that I used for my original Pinephone that I daily-drove for about a year until the modem instability began to affect my work. I just had to edit a couple lines and add another in and I’d incorporated support for the Pinephone Pro I was hoping to mess around with. I don’t have much experience with github yet so I’m posting my changes on pastebin which you can find here.

Tags: archlinux, encryption, linux, mobile, pinephone, pinephone-pro, technology